Art nurses come back again

Noble lady visits exhibition of pictures of Schwitters, 1919.
From left to right; Merzbild 1A (The mental doctor or Psychiatrist), Revolving and  Construction for Noble Ladies

Kazimir Malevich was here

Dada est mort. Vive Dada ! 

Breton and Tzara return to Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre, it ´s not raining

Waldhausenstraße, 5 (Hannover), November 16, 1918. Ernst is born, the son of Kurt Schwitters

Épater le bourgeois, Sonata and The Chocolate Grinder by Marcel Duchamp

Art Nurse. Duchamp’s studio 1917, finally clean

Art Nurses, Flags, flags, flags! Faith Ringgold, Judson 3, 1970. Jasper Johns, Moratorium, 1969. George Maciunas, U.S.A. Surpasses All the Genocide Records!,1968

 Art Nurse. Marcel Duchamp, Coeur Volant

Art Nurse. Coats by Yoko Ono

    Marcel Duchamp at the Berghof Sanatorium in Davos